Links to Decent Dental Plans

AARP Dental Plan – Good for seniors, and you pay month-to-month with no contract.  Sign up for Plan A or B.  There is a 1 year limited coverage stipulation, but after that you have full coverage and can cancel at any time.

Here is some good information for Cash-in-Hand Dentistry

  • You can call a dentist office near you directly, and explain that you have no dental insurance.  Frequently they will give you a “cash price” that is nearly as good as the co-pay or deductible that you would have if you were on a dental plan.

  • If you live in Southern California or Arizona, you might consider Mexican dentistry. This is a place where US Certified Dentists to to help people that are entrapped by the high cost of US dentistry.  Here is one in TijuanaFor those living in Texas, here is one closer to you.  BOTH of these Mexican Dental Offices have nearly a four star rating on Yelp.

  • If you are a little leery of what has recently been called Medical Tourism, here are answers to questions that you may have.

  • If you are closer to the north of the country, consider Canadian Dentistry.  It is much more regulated, and not quite as inexpensive as Mexico, but still better than the prices required in the United States.

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