My Story

Over a year ago, I signed up for Delta Dental, and decided it was not for me. After nine months, I tried to cancel my policy. Now I am on the hook for over $2,000. Don’t let this happen to you. There was a hidden clause making me LEGALLY LIABLE for another year of premiums for what I feel is sub-standard coverage.

I paid all of the bills on time, and when I called to cancel, I was told I could not cancel until the end of the contract period. After the contract period, I called, and was told that I was too late, and my account had been renewed for another year, and I was under contract for that period. They did this without my permission because of the fine print in a long Terms of Agreement. (You know the type: you get a phone, and there is a 90 page user agreement. If you agree, you can use your phone, if you do not agree, you cannot activate your phone.)  Legally they have me over a barrel, but this is legal robbery.


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  • January 2016 – – – Received a card from AARP about them partnering with Delta Dental.  We gave it serious consideration, and sent for more details.
  • March 2016 – – – Received more information in the mail, and went to to sign up.  THIS BECOMES VERY SIGNIFICANT and also very expensive.
  • April 1, 2016 – – – I signed up for Delta Dental.  I was excited to finally have insurance.  It cost me about $100 per month for coverage for both me and my wife.
  • August 15, 2016 – – – While on vacation, my wife broke a tooth.  She had an emergency crown put in.  While there, I decided to follow the dentist’s advice and have my crowns done as well.
    • Cynthia – – – Total bill – – – $1,750 – – – Insurance only paid $51 – Crown
    • Robert – – – Total bill – – – $ 2,836 – – – Insurance only paid $27 – Crown
    • Robert – – – Total bill – – – $ 596 – – – Insurance only paid $69 – Filling
      We ended up paying nearly $ 5,000 while Delta Dental Paid Practically Nothing – – – about $ 150
  • October 21 – – – Called to cancel my policy.  What I was told and how it was worded becomes VERY SIGNIFICANT.  “You are under contract for a full year.  You cannot cancel until after your contract period; and you can’t do it over the phone, you must do it in writing.”
  • November 27 – Paid another $100
  • December 27 – Paid another $100
  • January 27 – Paid another $100
  • February 27 – Paid another $100
  • March 27 – Paid another $100
  • March 31, 2017 – – – Contract period ends
  • May, 2017 – – – I wrote to cancel my policy,and received A LETTER OF DENIAL.  I was told I was obligated for another year – through March 31, 2018.
  • May 2017 – – – Called on the phone, and was told that I was sent an eMail on January 20 telling me of my contract renewal. I never received this eMail… either that, or it went into Google’s SPAM filter.  Regardless, I did not ask to be renewed.
  • May 2017 – – – Called on the phone again – – – I was obligated for another year, and another $1,200 in premiums.  Failure to pay would result in collection action and a hit against my credit score.
  • June – – – Talked with AARP and I pieced together this scenario:  I received information from AARP, but when I requested more information, the information mailed to me came from Delta Dental, not AARP.  I should have gone to the AARP Dental Plan (shown below) where I would have signed up for a month-to-month plan, not this villainous version of cyber robbery.
  • June 21 – – – Finally beaten to a bloody pulp, I set up this web site.  They got me, but they don’t have to get you.  Use THIS LINKS PAGE to locate more reputable Dental insurance companies.



Stay away from Delta Dental Covers Me dental plans.